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One In Three Young Adults ‘Status Update’ From The Bathroom

twitter_fb1It has been confirmed through recent surveys and research carried out by the Nielson Company that one in three people aged between 18-24 year olds log onto their Facebook and Twitter accounts and update their statuses while they are on the toilet. It’s very much a ‘natures called, I wonder who else has?’

Most people have heard about or have a social networking account but still the statistic of one in three seems a bit high. Not that we’re one to judge, you can update your status wherever you feel comfortable. If that means sitting on the toilet then so be it.

At least now we know why sometimes the queue for the bathroom is so long. So for the keen ‘toilet tweeter’ why not improve your social networking throne and post how comfy you are on the loo.

So, let’s embrace social networking updates on the toilet and purchase a new basin and ‘tweet’ in style. If your current throne has seen better days then maybe replacing it with and ‘Complete Economy Toilet’ would be beneficial. It’s well priced and looks the part and will fit your bottom perfectly for when you decide it’s time to tell the world what you’re doing.

If you fancy an even better throne though, there is the Beryl Toilet Set’ which can give your bathroom the perfect social spot and you might not even want to finish doing your business. It’s comfy, fits nicely anywhere you want it to and it doesn’t break the bank, perfect!

Enjoy tweeting from your new toilet and post loud and proud. You’re toilet tweet might even start trending worldwide, then everyone will be part of the beginning statistic. So go on, start a trend and improve your toilet.


Great Bathroom Gadgets Ideal For Christmas Gifts

In recent research it has been proven that we are spending longer in the bathroom than ever before. It is used as our place of escape when all is going wrong in the world, it’s our place of calm where we can lay in the bath, surrounded by bubbles, washing our worries away and it’s one of the first rooms we actually ‘see’ when we get up each morning after stumbling through our bedrooms and hallways half asleep and bleary eyed. So what better room to buy a Christmas gift for?

There is always a person on your list that is hard to buy for, and we know that every single person using the bathroom at least once a day. In fact research has shown that the average person spends around 30 minutes in the bathroom each day.






Here are just a few gifts that you could get this Christmas;

  • AquaNotes have introduced the waterproof notepad claiming that your great ideas will no longer go down the plug hole. They have introduced the paper pad and pen that can be used in the office.
  • Comedy Toilet Roll is always a giggle as a ‘stocking filler’ gift. There is glow in the dark toilet roll, toilet roll with crosswords, thoughts of the day or jokes. You can even design personalised toilet roll for that really personal touch, if you so require!
  • If you have a very ‘clean’ friend you are buying a Christmas gift for then why not consider hands-free soap dispensers as a gift, this means that they are cleaner and more hygienic than your normal bar of soap, and they look better too!
  • A stylish and affordable gift for someone that spends more than the average 30 minutes in the bathroom could be an iPod or iPhone dock where they can listen to their favourite tunes with ease.
  • If you have a friend that’s a bit of a poser then why not consider getting them a fogless mirror, ideal for the vainer among us.
  • If you have a friend who gets up early on those cold mornings, or often visits the toilet through the night then why not consider getting them a heated toilet seat. No more cold bums for your friends!
  • A brilliant new invention from Russia is the bathroom cleaning robot. Just connect it to your water tap and the robot cleans away the dirt from your shower, bath tub, sink, floor or wall for a sparkling bathroom! It’s a brilliant gift that your friend will be sure to show off to all their friends and family.

It is always important to have a gorgeous bathroom all year round. It’s the first room you see in the morning and can set your mood for the day ahead!

Easy Bathroom Upgrades

upgrade-bath-filler-tap-to-bath-shower-mixer-tap_MBAn easy bathroom upgrade is something that you can do to make your bathroom look nicer, brighter, cleaner and more spacious or just a way to make it look newer, fresher and more up to date.

One way of updating your bathroom is by replacing the bathroom faucet. If you haven’t done it before it may take a while, but it really isn’t that much of a hard job to do. This small change can really bring your bathroom up to date.

Why not consider replacing your sink or vanity top while you’re at it? If you have a drop-in sink with a heavy rim then you’re in luck as these are one of the easiest to replace.

The sleeker, new fangled water-saving toilets are now far more common place and much more affordable than they were when they first came out. They will up-date your bathroom but also save you loads and loads of water over the years of usage – your bathroom looks great and you are saving the environment.

Choosing a new storage cabinet for your bathroom can be hard but a freestanding glass cabinet can look really stylish as they lighten the room making it look more spacious, clean and bright. You need to look for the right size, shape, colour and style to suit your ‘new’ bathroom.

If money is tight but you are keen to give your bathroom a quick and easy upgrade for the New Year then fabric things such as new towels, new shower curtains or even a new soap bowl and toothbrush holder. Small things like this can brighten up your bathroom easily. Even if you only buy expensive towels for show, it will make your bathroom look so luxurious and welcoming.

Updating the hardware can also update an aging bathroom. Things like toilet roll holders, handles for cabinets, towel rails, shower heads and more. Make them match each other and how your dream bathroom will be.

Lighting in the bathroom need not be tricky. You can go for the film star look with lighting around the vanity mirror. Maybe you’d like a light in the shower as it can get dark behind the curtain? Perhaps you want to be able to have low lighting for relaxing baths before bed? Use the lighting to brighten your bathroom.

Changing the flooring in a bathroom is a great idea too and it can be quick if you want to just put down a sheet of lino or vinyl. It can really make the bathroom more spacious dependant on the flooring you choose.



Upgrade Your Bathrooom

Has your bath tub or shower seen better days? If you answered ‘Yes’, then I think it’s time to upgrade. is the online place to get your new suite with a host of products on offer, from baths to shower kits and tiles to toilets. These are not your normal boring basins; they have both style and class and are designed to give your bathroom the wow factor.

It is important to have a bathroom that the whole household is proud of. The place where you can have that early wake up call, a place to relax or just a place to make sure the little ones enjoy bath time. It doesn’t matter what you want from your bathroom, but it does matter where you get it from, so why not give Bathrooom a visit and have your bathroom just how you want it.

There are a number of shower kits that are destined to change the design of your bathroom. Be proud of where you clean with one of the Hudson Reed shower kits. Whether you are looking for a contemporary style or something minimalistic then there is an option for you. Get carried away in creating your own masterpiece.

Maybe it’s a bath suite you want instead? Then a cast iron bath could be your choice. This is possibly one of the most stylish ways to have wash and it can be in your very own bathroom. Just think of it, you, a cast iron bath and lots of bubbles. Sound good? Well you can make it happen with the help of Bathrooom, so get online and have a look.

Cast iron baths, shower kits, whatever it is, fall in love with your bathrooom again.