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Easy Bathroom Upgrades

December 14, 2012

upgrade-bath-filler-tap-to-bath-shower-mixer-tap_MBAn easy bathroom upgrade is something that you can do to make your bathroom look nicer, brighter, cleaner and more spacious or just a way to make it look newer, fresher and more up to date.

One way of updating your bathroom is by replacing the bathroom faucet. If you haven’t done it before it may take a while, but it really isn’t that much of a hard job to do. This small change can really bring your bathroom up to date.

Why not consider replacing your sink or vanity top while you’re at it? If you have a drop-in sink with a heavy rim then you’re in luck as these are one of the easiest to replace.

The sleeker, new fangled water-saving toilets are now far more common place and much more affordable than they were when they first came out. They will up-date your bathroom but also save you loads and loads of water over the years of usage – your bathroom looks great and you are saving the environment.

Choosing a new storage cabinet for your bathroom can be hard but a freestanding glass cabinet can look really stylish as they lighten the room making it look more spacious, clean and bright. You need to look for the right size, shape, colour and style to suit your ‘new’ bathroom.

If money is tight but you are keen to give your bathroom a quick and easy upgrade for the New Year then fabric things such as new towels, new shower curtains or even a new soap bowl and toothbrush holder. Small things like this can brighten up your bathroom easily. Even if you only buy expensive towels for show, it will make your bathroom look so luxurious and welcoming.

Updating the hardware can also update an aging bathroom. Things like toilet roll holders, handles for cabinets, towel rails, shower heads and more. Make them match each other and how your dream bathroom will be.

Lighting in the bathroom need not be tricky. You can go for the film star look with lighting around the vanity mirror. Maybe you’d like a light in the shower as it can get dark behind the curtain? Perhaps you want to be able to have low lighting for relaxing baths before bed? Use the lighting to brighten your bathroom.

Changing the flooring in a bathroom is a great idea too and it can be quick if you want to just put down a sheet of lino or vinyl. It can really make the bathroom more spacious dependant on the flooring you choose.




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