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One In Three Young Adults ‘Status Update’ From The Bathroom

December 16, 2012

twitter_fb1It has been confirmed through recent surveys and research carried out by the Nielson Company that one in three people aged between 18-24 year olds log onto their Facebook and Twitter accounts and update their statuses while they are on the toilet. It’s very much a ‘natures called, I wonder who else has?’

Most people have heard about or have a social networking account but still the statistic of one in three seems a bit high. Not that we’re one to judge, you can update your status wherever you feel comfortable. If that means sitting on the toilet then so be it.

At least now we know why sometimes the queue for the bathroom is so long. So for the keen ‘toilet tweeter’ why not improve your social networking throne and post how comfy you are on the loo.

So, let’s embrace social networking updates on the toilet and purchase a new basin and ‘tweet’ in style. If your current throne has seen better days then maybe replacing it with and ‘Complete Economy Toilet’ would be beneficial. It’s well priced and looks the part and will fit your bottom perfectly for when you decide it’s time to tell the world what you’re doing.

If you fancy an even better throne though, there is the Beryl Toilet Set’ which can give your bathroom the perfect social spot and you might not even want to finish doing your business. It’s comfy, fits nicely anywhere you want it to and it doesn’t break the bank, perfect!

Enjoy tweeting from your new toilet and post loud and proud. You’re toilet tweet might even start trending worldwide, then everyone will be part of the beginning statistic. So go on, start a trend and improve your toilet.


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